Assisting Families With Domestic Adoption

Attorney Ballard of Shelley B. Ballard PC has assisted Illinois families with domestic adoptions since 1988. The term “domestic adoption” refers to any adoption that takes place within the United States and encompasses a variety of situations.

Domestic adoption can include the placement of a child by a licensed agency, a private or independent arrangement, or the adoption of a child from the foster care system. Each path to adoption has its own rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid. We can confidently steer you through the adoption process through completion.

Understanding The Diversity Of Domestic Adoptions

When you are considering a domestic adoption, we can explain your available options, and which provides you with the best chances of a successful result. We will act as your trusted partner and will be here for you through each phase of the adoption. Our firm has assisted numerous Illinois families explore the possibility of:

  • Agency or agency-assisted adoption: A licensed agency can place a child with an adoptive family or assist in a privately arranged adoption. There are many advantages to using an agency in Illinois, including counseling, education and out-of-court consents.
  • Private or independent adoption: If adoptive and birth parents make an adoption plan for a child, Illinois law allows the adoption to be handled without an agency if all parties reside in Illinois. A pre-adoption home study is not required, although one is necessary if the parties reside in different states.
  • Foster care adoption: Although foster care adoption can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, adoptive families are eligible for a monthly stipend, Medicaid coverage for the child, and payment of all legal fees and costs.
  • Relative and stepparent adoption: Families are constantly changing with marriages, divorces and remarriages. If your family structure shifts, stepparents and other relatives can adopt to become a child’s official legal parents.
  • Interstate adoption: Adoptions increase in complexity when adoptive parents and children are located in different states. Each state’s laws differ in processes and adoption regulations.

Contact Us For Dedicated Support

We understand the importance that adoption plays in a family’s life, and we believe that all adoptive families deserve the dedicated support of a qualified lawyer. Call us at 312-316-0912 to discuss your domestic adoption or contact us online. You may meet with Ms. Ballard at either our downtown Chicago or north suburban offices.