Simplifying The Complexity Of International Adoption

International adoption is ideal for adoptive parents who appreciate and celebrate the culture of a child born in another country. The number of international adoptions has dramatically decreased since the advent of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, implemented in 2008, but there are still opportunities to adopt a child from another country. Citizens of other countries may also be eligible to adopt a child from the United States. Shelley B. Ballard PC can help you understand the international adoption process and represent adopting parents in court as required to secure a final adoption decree or confirm the international adoption in the Illinois court.

Guidance During Each Phase Of Adoption

International adoption can seem daunting, but our firm can counsel you as to the requirements and explain the process. For starters, if you are looking to adopt a child from a foreign country, at least one parent must be a United States citizen. Illinois residents must also obtain a home study from an “approved provider” and approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Most international adoptions are completed in the child’s country of origin. However, if parents are only given guardianship of the child, the adoption is completed as a domestic adoption when the child comes to the United States. Parents who adopt internationally may choose to “readopt” the child by filing a domestic adoption petition to confirm the adoption. You may change your child’s name at this point, and Illinois can issue a Record of Foreign Birth to serve as their birth certificate.

While complex, we have handled hundreds of adoptions and readoptions from virtually every country that allows its children to be adopted by U.S. citizens, and will ensure that your adoption is completed legally and efficiently.

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