What Are The Challenges Of Interstate Adoption?

Many people assume that adopting a child is a standardized procedure throughout the United States. However, each state creates and regulates their own set of adoption laws. In addition, an interstate adoption must receive the approval of the states involved before the child can be brought across state lines. This state-by-state system provides additional challenges for families who seek to adopt a child from another state. Shelley B. Ballard PC has over 30 years of experience assisting families with complex adoptions. We understand the intricacies of interstate adoptions and how to work with the bureaucracy.

Each State Determines Its Own Adoption Processes

Because each state is in charge of its own adoption system, it is important that the adoption is handled to comply with the appropriate law and also receive interstate approval from both states. An experienced attorney is necessary to bridge this knowledge gap and to ensure that all aspects of the adoption are thoroughly evaluated and executed. Our firm can act as your trusted advocate when you have an opportunity to adopt a child across state lines and successfully grow your family.

The Importance Of Securing A Versatile Attorney

Ms. Ballard is a knowledgeable lawyer who understands how to achieve your desired results. With strong negotiation and litigation skills, she can capably present your case and provide you with the best chances of success. When you work with us, we are available to meet with you in person to learn your adoption goals and help you strategically pursue an option that allows for success. Our goal is to help your family and your new child secure the life together that you all deserve.

Contact Us For Thorough Adoption Assistance

While all adoptions require a detail-oriented approach, this is especially true during an interstate adoption. In order to accomplish your desired result, you need a thorough attorney who can ensure that both states’ procedures are strictly followed.

Call our experienced lawyer at 312-316-0912 or you may also contact us online to schedule a consultation. We can schedule a meeting with you at either our downtown Chicago or north suburban office.

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